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Using Herbs for treatment of Hemorrhoids (2)

19 Sep

If you suffer from hemorrhoids and you want to avoid drugs and chemichals, these herbs maybe the solution!


Lady’s Mantle (Yarrow) herb for piles

Make a strong tea using Lady’s Mantle, dip a cotton ball into the warm tea and apply
onto the affected area.
Repeat this procedure several times during the day as needed.
(Do not reuse the cotton ball, use a clean one each time.)


Nightshade herb for hemorrhoids

In the Roman Empire, the ladies used their juice to beautify and  there is the origin of its nickname (belladona= beautiful woman).
Boil 30gr of leaves in 1lt of water, and wash the sensitive area with the infusion cold, three
times a day.


Bitter Gourd herbal remedy for piles

The use of the juice of Bitter Gourd Leaves is highly recommended in hemorrhoids.
The Bitter Gourd Leaves Juice increase peristalsis(movement) helping easy defecation and complete evacuation of the bowels. Bitter Gourd Leaves Juice stimulate peristalsis-preventing
formation of hard stools .This prevents bleeding from the inflamed anal veins.
Crush and extract 1 tsp of fresh Bitter Gourd leaves juice.Drink 1 tsp of this juice 3 times
daily for a month.The symptoms of Piles are resolved in a month.



Blueberries are an effective remedy for treating Hemorrhoids. Blueberries, also known as Highbush Blueberries, Lowbush Blueberries, Half-high Blueberries or Rabbiteye Blueberries,
is easily available in the market.
Consume 1 cup of fresh Blueberries every day for 2 months. The symptoms of Hemorrhoids are reduced in 2 months.


Eggplant remedy for hemorrhoids

You have to prepare an ointment, with 500 gr of pig fat and chopped 200 grams of eggplants.
Place them in a small pot, and this inside another bigger, in which we place water and we put them to boil during six hours.
Strain it and store in pots in the fridge.


Populus (or Poplar)herbs for hemorrhoids

Cream for the hemorrhoids:
Gather the yolks of fair poplar before the bloom of the flowers.
Place 150 grams of poplar with 500 grams of shortening without salt in a recipient.
Put that recipient inside another.
At the one outside, place water and boil it during six hours.Strain and keep it in hermetic
flask in the fridge.Apply three times a day.


Purslane herbs for hemorrhoids

Boil 250gms of Purslane leaves in 500 ml of water. Blend and strain the mixture. Drink the filtrate for relief from the symptoms of Piles. The Hemorrhoids are resolved in a month.
Purslane is used as a remedy for constipation, a causitive factor of Piles or hemorrhoids.


Garlic garlic for hemoroids

Take 1 clove garlic, pound it thoroughly, then squeeze it to take the water. Apply on anus
every day until the desired results are achieved.

herbal natural remedy for hemorrhoids