About me and this blog

This is a blog about a most common health problem called hemorrhoids.

It is so common that if you, find the courage and ask around , you will meet
so many fellows belonging in the “hemi” club.

I was an hemorrhoid-sufferer. After  a year of pain and embarassment, by accident(=good luck?)
I found a natural remedy that cured me permanently. You can find the link in my posts.

I strongly believe that there are so many ways for you to get cured naturally using other herbs/remedies
as the ones  I suggest and find your own cure.
The problem is that they will not be suggested by the proffessionals of healthcare,
( I am not a doctor too, and I believe you are matture enough that I don’t have to write
down the routine medical disclaimer) so you can’t really trust these “alternative” suggestions.

I hope that this will change soon.

Please post any cures you found to be helpful. You are very wellcome.

Spread the word!

P.S. All the information here is gathered by search from the web. Feel free to copy any information
you find useful… A link to my blog will be appreciated and I will link back!


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